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Save Peter & Ericka's Accessible Home

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Publishing contract expertise
wild_irises wrote in accessiblehouse
Got a publishing contract you don't understand? Got a list of questions about your last publishing contract? Or are you starting out as a writer and don't know what kinds of questions you're going to have.

I'll turn my seven years as a contracts manager (and twenty years in the publishing business) to work for you: at least an hour of consulting, and as much more as you need to get your doubts, questions, or curiosities resolved.

Minimum bid: $30

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Do you have any experience with screenplays, role playing games, movies and similar venues?


Lots with roleplaying games. Less with screenplays and movies, but a little, and most of the issues transfer well.

Thank you! I will check with the resident writer in our home and get back to you!

I'll put in a starting bid of $30, for a writerly friend.

In a wild burst of overconfidence, I'll bid $35 for myself.

Responding in a bold burst of hopeful helpfulness — or is it helpful hopefulness? — I bid the mystical 'life, the universe and everything' number of $42.

Just a note: This auction would have ended on 3/25 but had not bids before then. So, by the auction rules, it will run until 4/25.

You are the winner! Please send payment by PayPal! Contact the person offering to arrange the details.

W00t! Heading off to pay and send message.

Hoping for the best for Ericka and Peter.

communication - payment done

Is it OK to use the wild-irises at livejournal.com address to communicate? I have my own mcpye address here too. Although I've been in ineffective mode recently, I think the PayPal donation has worked.

I see you have other addresses, as I do, is there one you'd prefer?

Then we need to set up communication with my friend.

Wonderful! It's better to reach me at kith at spicejar dot org, since I use that for practically everything.

Your friend can also get in contact with me directly.

The experimental emails I sent to the LJ address(es) actually bounced back with the message that neither I tried existed.

Thanks for confirming the other one I spotted on your LJ info. I'll send something more formal there, with PayPal data, and point my friend towards it as well.

Good news about the house, too. :)

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