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Save Peter & Ericka's Accessible Home

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Updated Offer: Wearable-art Jeweled Bookmark
Renaissance Woman
skylarker wrote in accessiblehouse

'Gardens Of The Sun'
featuring Yellow Jade, Citrine, Lampwork Glass, reconstituted Amber. This jewelmark works as a bookmark (wrap it in the book) or an ascot or other personal ornament. One of a kind. Hand sewn by genuine artist.*

We all know that books hold treasures. These jeweled bookmarks act as visual reminders of the fact. This particular jewelmark is inspired by fairytales of golden apples and gardens where it's always summer, where one can find trees with branches of gold, bearing jeweled fruit...

This piece is listed for sale on my website at $350, but I've lowered the opening bid to $15.00!

Minimum bid: $15.00 USD
BuyNow: $350.00 USD
shipping free in USA

end date: April 25, 2009

* Laramie Sasseville: www.dreamspell.net

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your jewelmarks are gorgeous!

let's get the bidding started with $20.

Please note a non-threaded bid of $40 from ginahelen

Thanks for bidding! FYI, it's important to make bids as a reply to the previous bidder, so that everyone knows. :)

Hi! It looks like you are the winner! If you send me (laramie at dreamspell dot net) your mailing address I can get your new jeweled, wearable bookmark in the mail to you. :)

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