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Save Peter & Ericka's Accessible Home

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One and one-quarter days!
self portrait
jbru wrote in accessiblehouse
That's all the time you have left to bid on the great items available for auction!

All auctions will close on April 25 at noon Central time.

There is still some great stuff available, folks. And remember, we're not completely out of the woods yet! While the sheriff's sale will be cancelled on Tuesday, if not before, when I deliver the initial payment to Wells Fargo, there are still three payments greater than our normal mortgage that need to be made. So you can still be a big help and get some great things!


A glossy poster for Mr. Hero, "The Newmatic Man"(tm), signed by Neil Gaiman. High bid on this item is only $25!

A "cunning" hat, of the sort seen worn by Jayne Cobb on Firefly. High bid on this item is $42 and jocelyncee promises a special surprise for non-winning bidders!

In another "life, the universe, and everything" moment, the publishing contract expertise of wild_irises has a high bid of only $42. Get it for yourself, get for an author you know!

Some very nifty photographs by kaytecat, matted nicely and going for bids of $10-$20.

Two copies of Rainbow's Edge, CD by markiv1111 with his original songs. Currently going for $25 and $15. Nate doesn't usually bring this one to cons so it could be your only chance to get one!

And speaking of Nate...the chess set carved by his father has a high bid of only $15!

And, added since Monday: a vintage necklace by our friend elisem with a high bid of only $70!

Get out there and get bidding!