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Save Peter & Ericka's Accessible Home

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OMG wonderful!
jbru wrote in accessiblehouse
The meeting with Habitat for Humanity went well. The good news is that we now have an actual repayment plan, with actual numbers and dates for payments and like that! Once the initial payment is made, the sheriff's sale will be cancelled! I am ... overwhelmed. I want to dance in the streets and have a celebratory burrito!

Here's the details:

I send an initial payment of $10,186 to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage by April 28.

By May 28, I pay $2,628.46. By June 28, I pay $2,628.46. By July 28, I pay $2,376.43.

On August 1, I begin making my regular mortgage payments of $1,538.34.

So, how does this jive with what's been raised so far?

As you may recall from my recent financial update, I have cash readily available in the amount of $10,124.70.

cakmpls has informed me she has about $90 in cash in addition to that amount. So that takes care of the initial payment.

The amount needed, above my normal mortgage payment, for the May payment is $1,090.12.
The amount coming in from auctions closing April 25 if there were no bids since Monday is about $1,179.

So that takes care of May.

I'll need an additional $1,090.12 in June and an additional $838.09 in July or a total of an additional $1,928.21.

Things are still tight, and there's still money to be raised. I'll need $1,928.21 in addition to the amount necessary to pay my mortgage and other expenses by the end of July. Thankfully, my new job should provide the bulk of that.

You, my friends, have taken us this far and you still have a role to play. Anything you can spare in the way of direct donation or bidding on an auction will whittle away at that final amount in short order. That will go a long way to increasing our security and helping us build up a safety net so that this doesn't happen to us again.

Today is a great relief, however, and I want to thank you all for your hard work. Take a moment to spread the good news the same way you did the story of our plight. You have been an inspiration to me and I thank you very much.

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That does sound pretty encouraging, compared to the situation a few months ago!

I'm so glad to hear this!

Shall we continue with a second-phase auction with a final cut-off date down the line?

Let's see how things look after 4/25.

Whooo hoo! This is great news!

Great improvement over back then. *applauds everyone who has contributed*

Such good news.

Oh thank goodness. I am very pleased for you both, though I know you're not out of the woods yet. Please keep us updated.

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