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Save Peter & Ericka's Accessible Home

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Offer: Hand-carved Wooden Chess Set (Pieces)
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jbru wrote in accessiblehouse
This is a set of wooden chess pieces. Carved by Nate Bucklin's father and kept by Nate from his childhood. Pieces have bases that are approximately one-inch square. King pieces are approximately three inches tall. The set has, inexplicably, nine black pawns. One white pawn and one white rook have curved corner pieces missing from their bases. One white pawn's base is broken cleanly across the base and could be easily glued together.

Nate told me the black pieces were carved from a South American hardwood called quebracho. It has an entry in Wikipedia, which says in part, "The etymology of the name appears to be Spanish, derived from quiebrahacha, meaning 'axe-breaker.'" Nate reports, however, that it is apparently an Indian word, and the Spanish similarity is coincidental.

In addition, the pieces are kept in a box originally used for Kensington Hand Soap. The box has the pencil inscription: Property - Nathan Allan Bucklin, and a few letters filled in with pencil. It has a few stains but is solid and in good condition.

Photos under


Pieces with ruler to show size:

Pieces with broken bases:

Box top with name:

Box top with decoration:

Box side 1:

Box side 2 (Geranium!):

Curious cat (not included):

Auction ends: April 25

Minimum bid: $10

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if I could have everything, and enough buildings to house and display it all...

You are the winner! Please send payment by PayPal! Then email the receipt to jbru@mac.com as well, along with your address and we'll figure out shipping!

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