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Save Peter & Ericka's Accessible Home

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Offer: Leather Fringe Key Fob with concho
magpie49 wrote in accessiblehouse
This mahogany leather key fob will keep you in touch with your keys.  No more patting pocket after pocket after pocket to see where you hid your keys.  With a bit of fringe peeking out of your pocket you will KNOW you have your keys, and where they are.

The southwest style sunburst concho is attached with a smaller strip of leather, and fastened with traditional bleed knots, where the top strip dives through a slot in the back strip to display the reverse of the leather, and then the back strip dives behind again.
Length of leather is 13 inches from fold within keyring.
Keyring is 1.25 inch diameter

Card that accompanies the Key Fringe reads:
This Key Fringe is made from the same leather as fine quality auto upholstery, and is unique.  No two are exactly alike because leather is a natural product with inherent variations.  All fringe is hand cut with scissors, so the strands may vary in width.
Key Fringes need very little in the way of care.  Don't let fringe get caught in the door when you close it.  If it gets wet, pat the excess water with a paper towl, and hang the Key Fringe to dry away from any heat source or direct sunlight.

Buy it Now price $25

Minimum starting bid $5

Shipping: Seller pays shipping within the US. If you are outside the US, please contact me for arrangements.

link to Closeup of the front        link to Closeup of the back 
Mahogany Leather Fringed Key Fob
Click here to see larger view

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With noon come and gone, we have a winner! Contact the seller with payment and shipping information and enjoy!

aitchellsee, as the winner of the keyfob, please email me at dj.jezabella at gmail dot com
with the usual substitutions.

Thank you.

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