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Save Peter & Ericka's Accessible Home

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Offer: Earrings, Long Dangle, Purple shades
magpie49 wrote in accessiblehouse
These earrings are long (three and three eighth inches overall) with a joint between each bead pair for maximum movement.

The focal bead is a transparent purple drop, hanging at the bottom of a string of 5 beads. The lesser beads alternate transparent lentils in pale purple with an opaque dark purple heart and an opaque dark purple AB (aurora borealis) faceted rondelle.

The earrings are on surgical steel fish hooks, and come with stoppers.

Edit to Add:  I have permission to change these earrings to clip on findings if the winner so chooses.

Long Purple Dangle earrings
Click here for larger view
These earrings are donated by T's Place 

Buy Now Price:  $15

Minimum Starting bid $5

Shipping: Seller pays shipping in a padded envelope, first class mail,  within the US.

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No minimum bid received by April 19, so this auction will continue to April 25.

You are the winner! Please send payment by PayPal! Contact the person offering to arrange for shipping.


You should have a payment confirm. I am glad that things are truing around for you a bit. Good Luck.

yay! I will make my $10 bid in a donation anyway.

Luv ya'll... been through the "foreclosure scare" ourselves and we made it.. I'm glad you will too.

Thanks very very much.

Have shipped the earrings, and USPS claims they were delivered today.

Will you confirm arrival here?

Thank you. They arrived today. Very Nice

Thanks very much for the confirm. It gives me something to show to T that her earrings arrived, and got appreciated.

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