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Save Peter & Ericka's Accessible Home

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PTerry: Once More* with Footnotes
sethb wrote in accessiblehouse
For auction: one copy of Once More* with Footnotes, first printing, signed by PTerry. (If the winner prefers, one of the rare, unsigned copies can be substituted.) $300 minimum.

Auction ends 4/14 at noon.

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Oh, to heck with it. I'll let myself be outbid on the Thornton Burgess books, and *somehow* I will find the money for this. It's for a good cause...

I'll open at $300.

Seth, you might want to add a "Terry Pratchett" tag to this entry, and put his full name in the offer. I bet not everyone who's a Pratchett fan would search for PTerry, and the tag will appear in the tag cloud and catch people's eyes!

Took care of the tagging part! You're right, I hadn't known what Seth was on about until clicking through to the description. A very cool item!

So? Has I gots this wonderful thing?

(I expected to have to bid against more people; I'm prepared to stick a few more $$ in the pot so this at least makes above minimum bid.)

Yes, you do. Email me and let me know where to send it (and if you want an autographed copy).

I sent you an LJ message.

I kind of expected you to have to bid against more too. Heck, I even went and promoted the auction to a Pratchett fan group here on LJ!

Your bid is very generous and additional money is not required. It won't be turned down, of course, but really isn't necessary.

Pah, this isn't about what is *necessary* in life; it isn't *necessary* to help out fellow human beings. Nevertheless, this is what we do.

I stuck a few extra dollars in, you should hopefully see that payment show up shortly. (And honestly, I really did think there would be Pratchett fans beating a pathway in here for this. I guess the recession has hit hard everywhere.)

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