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Save Peter & Ericka's Accessible Home

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Offer: BPAL Feb. 2009 Limited Edition Bony Moon
cakmpls wrote in accessiblehouse
Here's what I wrote when I tried it:

"In the stark darkness of February, food is so scarce that some are forced to chew bones and make marrow soup for nourishment. It is a time when we honor our ancestors with fasting, solemn ritual, and reflection on the triumphs and accomplishments of those who have passed before us."

White sandalwood, dry cedar, and radiant, crisp lunar herbs.

I bought this for the sandalwood, one of my top favorite scents. It goes on with heavy sandalwood and cedar, but fades pretty fast. Then some sharp herbs come out. Now, after just a couple of hours, all I'm getting is light, mellow sandalwood. In order, like it, don't like it, like it.

I've just tried it again, to make sure I want to part with it, and yes, I still have the same reaction.

This is a 5 ml. bottle with just a tiny bit used, for trial; it's still full to just under the shoulder of the bottle. I think the original price was $18, and as a limited edition, it's no longer available.

Auction ends: noon, Minneapolis time (Central Daylight), April 20, in order to accommodate those who might want to pay by check or money order
Minimum bid: $10
Shipping: I will pay shipping in U.S.; I'd prefer not to fool with customs on this, though if anyone outside the U.S. wants it enough to make an outrageous bid, I might be persuaded.

If you are outbidding a previous bidder, PLEASE make your bid a reply to their comment.
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Is it over? Did I win? My email is dovekie@gmail.com . I am paying via Paypal. Let me know where to send the receipt. :)

It is over! You did win! Send the PayPal receipt to cakmpls@yahoo.com!

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