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Offer: Signed ARC of BONE DANCE by Emma Bull
Cat in Specs
coffeeem wrote in accessiblehouse
One paper-bound copy of the advance uncorrected proof of Bone Dance, to be reissued by Tor in July. I'll sign it and inscribe it to whoever you like.

Ending date: April 25, 2009
Minimum bid: $5.00 US.
Shipping: I'll pay to ship to the U.S. or Canada. Anywhere else, you pay the shipping.

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(Deleted comment)
$15. (I know I won't be able to stay in long enough to win, but wow, can I not at least try.)

You are the winner! Please send payment by PayPal! Contact the person offering to arrange for shipping.

Oooo -- they're re-issuing it? Has it been rewritten, then, since this is an unedited proof?

This is a ~great~ book. I'm not a technophile or tech-lit fan, but I loved this book.

It's beyond my affordability range now, but whoever gets this, you are L*U*C*K*Y.

Just sayin'.


Ah, poopers. It's already too high for me to afford to bid. :/

Oh, well. Good luck!

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